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the Liberator
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Hi, ... I'm your Liberator ...

I've been involved in the BDSM and Leather Scene for twenty-plus years.

I'm 6' 0" tall ... I weigh 16 stones.

As you can see ... I'm a big thick-set man.
I work out at least four times per week ... and play soccer on Sunday mornings too.

So whether you want 'consultation', 'experiment' ... or ... 'experience' ...
.. you can be assured that I'll be able to deliver everything you need.

Give me a call ... or e-mail me and we can discuss your wants and needs ...

.. I'll look forward to speaking with you soon.

BDSM has always been a huge part of my life ... even during my early years
.. I just did not understand the visions within my own mind.

As a child I had images and fantasies, which took me many years to interpret and understand ... even longer to accept!

When I did make the commitment to explore these fantasies and desires, to explore my wants and needs, I was fortunate to meet a few key people who were able to give me the benefit of their experience. They were generous with their time ... SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE. They assisted me in my quest, taught me well, advised me and answered my many questions ... and supported me when needed.

During this time most published 'material', which dealt with BDSM was imported from the United States. To this day ... I can remember the very first copy of DRUMMER magazine, which I saw ... I still have it. As I grew my thirst for knowledge grew with me ... but where to get INFORMATION, SUPPORT, ADVICE, LEARNING, SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE, etcetera ... was all denied to me ... within the United Kingdom.

My very first organised BDSM event was Delta95. Delta International is a group of like-minded men who practice BDSM as an ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE choice.

Soon after Delta95, I attended Inferno XXIV. Inferno is the annual BDSM meeting of the Chicago Hellfire club. At both of these events, I attended talks, seminars, workshops and demonstrations where men with various SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE would pass-on their experiences to those who wished to share. This FORUM was exactly what I had sought in the UK ... and was prohibited from experiencing.

The most interesting ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE event, which I attended was LIL XXV ... (Living in Leather Twenty Five), which was held in Seattle during June 2000. Living in Leather is a 'Pansexual' event, which means that all Individuals, Couples and Groups of all SEXUALITIES ... irrespective of GENDER or ORIENTATION ... are welcome. Heterosexual women and men shared the event and dungeon with lesbian and gay individuals and respected each others choices and preferences. The many and varied 'workshops' were run by ... and attended by ... heterosexual women and men, lesbians and gay men ... who shared SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE freely.

So I continue to returned to the United Kingdom with a desire to share my own SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE with others.

The Liberator: Safe, sane and consensual BDSM ...


United Kingdom Telephone:

07779 799 799

International Telephone:

+44 7779 799 799

14:00 - 20:00 (2:00 p. m. - 8:00 p. m.)
Monday - Friday
Withheld Numbers,
Anonymous Text Messages, WhatsApp, etc.
will be ignored