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the Liberator
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The Concept of the service offered by The Liberator

The Liberator will encourage YOU to explore YOUR inner-self, to experience YOUR fantasies and widen YOUR horizons.

Do YOU want to explore alternatives, ... learn techniques ... and discover YOUR limits?

Do YOU need a safe environment:

.. where YOU are tested? .. where YOU are controlled? .. where YOU are Liberated?

This Web site is about YOU!... this Web site is not about me!

This is where YOU come in ...

That there are many men who are interested in this BDSM as an Alternative Lifestyle choice, within the United Kingdom ...
.. there is no doubt. There is simply no FORUM where we can share with one another.

There are many who wish to EXPLORE their INNER-SELVES, their ALTER-EGOS ... but how to do so ...
.. in a SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL environment ...

In the ten or so years that I have been offering this BDSM, professional male escort service. The clients who visit me, and return time and time again, do so to experience four main activities.

  1. Bondage

  2. Domination

  3. Suspension

  4. Sling

That is why, when I reviewed & redesigned this web site, I did so to focus of these four key activities. As you can see from the menu on this web site; Bondage, Domination, Suspension and Sling all have their own topic titles and separate pages. Check them out so that you can see what activities the men who visit the Liberator choose to explore.

As for YOU ...

.. well most people who visit this Web site e-mail or telephone and talk of their NEEDS and WANTS eventually find that BDSM need not be secretive ... it should be about OPENNESS. People should talk about their need to JOURNEY ... to DISCOVER themselves. They only talk about being FAITHFUL ... to themselves ... about discovering their ALTER-EGOS.

Many talk of their NEED to REDEFINE the BARRIERS and CONFINES, which were placed upon them ... which they now need to CHALLENGE.

Most reflect that they have spent their lives making others happy and of providing for their partner, family or friends. As they grow in life they get to the stage where they want to satisfy themselves - that they need to make this journey for self fulfilment reasons.

YOU need to EXPERIMENT ... to be encouraged to make CHOICES.

YOU need to EXPLORE ... to be encouraged to make CHOICES.

YOU need RELEASE ... to be encouraged to make CHOICES.

YOU need to GIVE UP CONTROL ... to transfer POWER.

YOU need TESTING ... to be encouraged to make CHOICES.

YOU need TRAINING ... to be encouraged to make CHOICES. do this ...


It takes a lot to 're-programme your head' and DISCOVER that BDSM activities are not wrong
.. that BDSM is a valid ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE choice!

The photography on this Web site is all about ... YOU ... those who have made the first step of DISCOVERY
.. of personal LIBERATION.

Even today many people need the 'PERMISSION to PLAY' ... to enjoy the new ... SEXUAL FREEDOM ... to have a door OPEN to them ... to have a platform or vehicle for COMMUNICATION made available to them.

Many individuals have fantasies, which they don't know how to realise.

The Liberator is able to spend time, talking with you to discover the detail of these fantasies and suggest ways of realising them.


This is all about having fun!

If it's not fun, pleasurable, enjoyable ... however you wish to definte it ... then don't do it!


Do it safely, respect the others with whom you are playing!


Discover yourself. Try new things. Explore new ideas. Investigate new equipment. Test your endurance.


When the opportunity presents itself ... sieze the day. Grasp the opportunity with both hands ... but always take it at your own pace. Ensure that you are always comfortable with the activities.

Gently explore these ... and other possibilities ...

Take a 'Day Trip' into BDSM ... just because you go on holiday does not mean that you wish to live at your chosen destination. It's the same with BDSM ... take 'Time Out' for 'Self Fulfilment' ... enjoy the experience ... then return to your 'real' life ... satisfied and more relaxed.

Bondage Buddy:

If you want to discover the 'other' side and explore the joys of restraining another individual, then The Liberator service could be just what you are searching for!

There are many voyagers who delight in the idea of being restrained by more than one 'Top'. So the opportunity to learn these skills and techniques in a 'safe' environment is here. Become a STRAP CLOSER ... let The Liberator mentor you into the sensation of being on top!

... so that is the CONCEPT of this LIBERATOR service ...

... when YOU are ready to start YOUR JOURNEY of SELF-DISCOVERY simply contact e-Liberator to make the first appointment.
When you arrive we will spend the first twenty minutes discussing your FANTASIES, DESIRES, NEEDS and WANTS. We will cover virtually every aspect of the BDSM scene to DISCOVER YOUR LIKES and ... just as importantly ... YOUR DISLIKES.

We will then take all of this information ... develop a scenario from it ...
.. move into the PlaySpace ... and start making your FANTASY a REALITY.

The Liberator: Safe, sane and consensual BDSM ...


United Kingdom Telephone:

07779 799 799

International Telephone:

+44 7779 799 799

14:00 - 20:00 (2:00 p. m. - 8:00 p. m.)
Monday - Friday
Withheld Numbers,
Anonymous Text Messages, WhatsApp, etc.
will be ignored