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the Liberator
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The most frequent comment, which the guys, who visit me, start their sentence with, is: “I’m not into pain!”

Well, that’s OK, ‘cause neither am I ... (well, not pain for pain’s sake!).

As I have listed in the ‘Concept’ section ... In the ten or so years that I have been offering this BDSM, professional male escort service. The clients who visit me, and return time and time again, do so to experience four main activities - Bondage being the main one of the four. Many of the guys simply want to experience Bondage in a safe, sane and consensual environment.

Most guys wish to explore power exchange games and willingly transfer that power over to me and then submit to me in a Bondage scenario.

Some guys like their explore power exchange games to be just that and the bondage is on a mutual level.

Other guys want to submit and experience bondage as part of their submission / Domination fantasy.

Whatever your Bondage fantasy is, just let me know.

My method of working is quite simple. When you arrive we sit down and discuss the scenario, which you want to experience, then we move into the PlaySpace where I will make that fantasy a reality.

As an alternative, other guys e-mail me before hand with their fantasy detailed therein and the scenario commences as soon as they arrive at the house.

Whatever way in which you want to explore your bondage fantasy, just let me know and we’ll work it out together.

I’ll look forward to your contact.

The Liberator

The Liberator: Safe, sane and consensual BDSM ...


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