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the Liberator
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A few of the men who have visited the Liberator have written Reports
and given their permission for this feedback to be published.

Report 1:

.. is a copy of an e-mail sent to a friend of The Birthday Buoy!

My visit to The Liberator ... on my birthday.

The evening started casually enough. Greeting at the door. Birthday card, kinky as you would imagine, I'll show next time we meet, and present - the uncut version of Caligula.

Got undressed - got dressed, chaps and boots. Went upstairs to the playroom. Greeted by a form, suspended in a sleepsack, hooded and therefore totally encased in leather. Only the cock exposed. Orders to kneel and to suck. Small cock quickly enlarged. During this time blindfolded, hands manacled behind my back and cock and balls strapped up. After about 15 minutes ordered to sit on a stool and to remove chaps and boots whilst still blindfolded. Body released from sleepsack.

Invited (ordered!) to get onto knees and feel the other body and he me. Wonderful! He was hooded, totally, and I was blindfolded. We must have spent 15/20 minutes exploring each other's body. Sir told me to remove his gag, which I did and could then explore his mouth. Fantastic!

He was then instructed to secure me in the sleepsack. I'm not sure whether or not he could see - I certainly couldn't. Once in the sleepsack I was hoisted upright and suspended, cock exposed and he sucked me. He was instructed not to make me cum. Sir exposed my ass at the rear of the sleepsack and penetrate me with various toys. With the constant sucking and ass play I eventually came.

On being allowed down I was introduced to 'D', a 30+ year old with a fabulous body. He had been suspended for well over an hour before I arrived but had not yet cum. Whilst he and I touched and kissed The liberator jerked him off and he came everywhere. This was followed by a shower with 'D' which was great.

'B', whom I had mentioned to you before, had arrived by this time and after 'D' left The Liberator, 'B' and I went for a meal.

When we arrived back two hours later we then all went up to the playroom again.

Further suspension - 'B' sucking me and 'Sir' penetrating. I eventually had a tremendous orgasm - but dry. I left at 11pm having arrived at 4.30pm exhausted.

On arriving home, however, I started watching Caligula before going to sleep. Within fifteen minutes I had cum again, and not dry this time!

Happy Birthday?

Yes, thank you!

The Liberator: Safe, sane and consensual BDSM ...


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